This weekend's assignment was one of my favorites: photo shoot for Atlanta Doberman Rescue. Elwood is a handsome, goofy, young doberman who found himself at animal control. I don't know who could abandon such a good dog. When we work with rescues we try to hard to make sure the pictures give a good idea of the dog's look, size, and more importantly, personality. With Elwood that was easy as he is both photogenic and fun. Elwood was unsure about us and the camera at first, but after some exploring of Kurt's camera, he did not mind us at all.

Soon we were all having a blast. What an awesome dog. I am sure he will find a home very soon. Elwood is with Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue

He quickly relaxed and showed us his goofy personality.... It helped that we had bribes! Time, cookies, and toys are your best friends when it comes to taking pictures of rescue dogs.