Prices depend on exactly what you are looking for so please email us to discuss additional ideas.To get a quote for a family, kids, or engagement portrait session please email us.



  • 1-2 hours session on a location of choice in the Atlanta area for one dog.
  • 15-20 high quality edited digital pictures.
  • Products consultation and the option to order high quality prints and products at additional cost.
  • 2 weeks maximum turn-around time (we are often quicker than that).
  • Additional dogs will require more time so there is surcharge of $50 for extra dogs.



  • We come to your camp for free in exchange for room and board for one or two photographers for the duration of the camp. If camp is more than two hours drive from Atlanta, we may require coverage of transportation costs.
  • Option for camp participants to buy individual digital pictures and prints. Bulk pricing available.
  • Option for camp participants to buy and schedule private portrait sessions during down times.
  • Camp organizer receives free digital pictures for advertising purposes.
  • Pictures are posted within one week (often less) of camp.



  • 30-45 minutes photo session. Depending on the dog we usually spend the first 20 minutes just making the dog comfortable.
  • Rescue or Foster family may have to drive to a location close to us. We usually like to work in a fenced area so the dog can be very relaxed and moving around. Depending on the location of the foster home, we may be able to drive to them.
  • 10-15 or more high quality edited digital pictures.
  • Since it usually takes time to find a time that works for us and foster family, we try to have a fast turnaround on the pictures.