Elena Pesavento

I love capturing emotions in images. My specialty is pet photography from action shots to portraits, and my passion is to capture the bond between dogs and their owners especially in performance dogs at work. In my spare time, I volunteer with local rescues to help promoting dogs up for adoption through the power of photography. I am a Nikon shooter. Clearly Nikon is better plus I am a left eye shooter and my nose gets in the way of the Canon wheel.

Kurt Buchsteiner

I have been a passionate photographer for many years. I used to spend hours in a dark room and I still own many old cameras. Street photography and candid portraits are my passion. I have many cameras in my life from Hasselblad to medium format that I still use for fun. I have had Canon for as long as I can remember and they are clearly the best... do not listen to what Elena says!




When I am not providing moral support, I like to swim, run in the woods and compete in agility.



My specialty is snuggling on the couch but I am always open to help test the light by modeling for my boss.